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Created by: Steve Burns, and Steven Drozd
Director: Rich Chapple

Foreverywhere tells the tale of a young unicorn (perhaps the last on Earth?!) and his quest, along with a Giant named Rick, a spider named Betsy and the guitar-shredding Princess Rainbow, to form the best band in the fantastical world of Anyville. But first, they’ll have to contend with the increasingly strange weather that seems to follow Princess Rainbow everywhere, and a rival band determined to bring them down. Will this group of misfits be able to rise above? 

Created by Steve Burns (Blue’s Clues, The Moth) and Steven Drozd (Grammy Award-winning multi-instrumentalist for The Flaming Lips), this musical odyssey explores themes of friendship, building self-confidence, and overcoming obstacles to follow your dreams and rock out! 

[Merlin] Virtual Label LLC (on behalf of StevenSteven); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc.

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